I’ve never been much for following Sky Stuff, but I’ve always felt like I’d be a more admirable and wholesome person if I did. I feel like my friends who follow Sky Stuff are somehow one rung up the Adult Ladder from me, like the people who know how to play chess, or do their own taxes.

It was May 26th, 2021, the night of the big Blood Moon Eclipse that everyone was twittering on about. I figured I should do something, find something, go, you know… look at it.

I managed to make the effort when…

(or: What Happened When I Tried to Play My Song About Abortion on Irish Television)

About a month ago, I was invited to appear on The Late Late show, a television chat show in Ireland,to promote my tour here. I played last night in Cork at the Opera House, and, as I publish this, I’m setting up for my show in Dublin tonight at the National Concert Hall.

Listen. In the same way that nobody actually wants to get an abortion, nobody really wants to talk about it. Good lord, why would they? It’s an extremely awkward, hyper-personal, stumbling subject. And I can tell you, from experience, nobody really wants to sing about it, either.

(this piece is an excerpt from a longer post over at my patreon. the comments and feedback over there were so phenomenal — go read them — that i thought this bit was good enough to post over here on medium. enjoy.)

me & the dumpsters.

i’ll never forget the moment, maybe eight or nine years ago, where I CAUGHT my brain red-handed in the vicious downward spiral of uselessly comparing myself directly to someone else. …

How I’m slightly terrified of the oncoming mix of motherhood and art….and how judging and terrifying me further isn’t going to help me.

*Note: this is my first piece of writing on Medium. I’m really happy to be here, I think this platform and community of writers/thinkers is fantastic. Hi everyone here.*


A few months ago I joined Patreon, a crowdfunding website sort of like a hardcore, ongoing-style Kickstarter that allows fans to support artists on a regular basis by pledging to pay a certain amount of money — a dollar, three dollars — every time content is put out: a piece of music, an article, a video, a page of comic book art. …

Amanda Palmer

THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION is my new album, artbook & global solo piano tour. my patrons help me create absolutely everything. apalmer.lnk.to/NoInterAS

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